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Admission for Doctoral School 2024-2025

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The offer displayed on this page is limited to the selected registration. If you want to see the rest of the offer, select a different registration.

We invite you to read the offer of the Doctoral School of the University of Economics in Katowice by clicking OFFER. 

To learn more about the admission process visit our website

Important information for candidates who do not have a master's diploma at the time of registration in IRK!

  • Candidates may take part in the recruitment process before completing their master's studies, provided that they submit a statement that a master's degree or a certificate of completion of a second degree or a uniform master's degree will be delivered by July 19, 2024. The template of the statement is available at the website linked above. 
  • When adding a master's degree document in the education section in IRK, only four fields need to be completed: type of document (master's degree), year of obtaining the document (2024), country of issue (Poland or other from the list) and diploma number (filling it in: "recruitment before defense").