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Postgraduate studies

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Postgraduate studies at the UE Katowice

Our offer of postgraduate studies allows engineers, businessmen, management staff and many others to raise qualifications and acquire new skills.


Postgraduate studies at the University of Economics in Katowice is a guarantee of reliable, up-to-date knowledge, thanks to which students acquire new or additional competences, raise qualifications and establish contacts in the industry.


Postgraduate studies are the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical aspects. Classes with UE experts and specialists will ensure that the acquired information will result in a better position on the dynamic labour market. Graduation will facilitate the promotion or change of work.


Graduates receive a thorough education at one of the best public universities, which is confirmed by the results of rankings, including 2nd place in the region in the 'Kuźnia prezesów' ('Rzeczpospolita' ranking).